Who are you and what is this site?

My name is Eric Ziegler, I am a computer science student at CMU and Skytable Pets is a project I created in order to further my studies of web design and programming.

What the heck is a "sky table?"

The name Skytable is derived from the primary geologic feature of my home town: The Grand Mesa. It is the tallest flat-top mountain in the world, reaching very high in the sky, and the Spanish word "mesa" translates to "table." Hence, Skytable.

But why pet adoption?

I've always been a strong advocate for homeless pets, my family having adopted several over the years. As a part of my studies at CMU, I was tasked with creating a website. I figured since I would be spending hundreds of hours building and developing this site, and hundreds of dollars maintaining the site, why not make it about something relevant to me (and perhaps useful to others)? This is where the primary motivation behind Skytable Pets lies.

Organizations that advocate for homeless pets sometimes don't have a robust web presence. Some shelters have makeshift or outdated websites, that can sometimes resemble fraudulent websites. Even Petfinder.com, the undisputed champion of online pet adoption organizations, has a patchwork and unattractive interface. With these two facts in consideration, a goal for Skytable Pets is automation (the site can keep itself up to date), and modern styling. I hope that with the experience I gain from this site, I can contribute my web development knowledge to the pet and animal advocacy community in the future.

How do I get in contact with you?

Please refer to the Contact page for information about how to get in touch with me.

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